I love when I move around in bed and I feel his body next to mine, it’s such a wonderful feeling. When you sleep with someone you adore, nothing sexual, just their body next to yours. It’s safety, intimacy, joy. You get to snuggle up to them and fall asleep on their chest, wake up and randomly kiss them and fall back asleep.

I don’t know why, but this song has so much meaning to me. When I close my eyes at night and this song is being sung into my ears I feel like I AM HER. People say she is just PLAIN EVIL because it was written in the bible. But is it actually true? People wrote it, so can’t it be fiction? Maybe they just blamed it on her because they had no one else to blame it on…

“Lay here my love you’re the only shape I’ll pray to, Jezebel”

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i dont trust people that do acupuncture

theyre all backstabbers

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It’s only just begun

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